Prakash Vivekanandhan

team member

Prakash Vivekanandhan

Registered Massage Therapist

Specialized in Lymphatic Massage

Prakash is a lymphatic massage therapist, completed 2200 hours of diploma from Alberta College of Massage Therapy (Honors with distinction).

Prakash is trained to perform Relaxation, Deep tissue, Therapeutic techniques.
He is certified in providing CUPPING THERPAY, both in dynamic and static techniques.
He is also certified with Level 3 Manual Lymphatic Drainage from the prestigious Dr.Vodder School International.

This specialized technique helps in Insomnia, Tension head ache and general swelling in the body.

Prakash incorporates his previous experience in the field of health care (as physical therapist for more than 20 years both in abroad and in Edmonton) to plan and treat with custom made treatment and choose more appropriate home exercise program for your speedy recovery.