Hip Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

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Hip Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

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Experiencing hip pain can significantly hinder your daily activities, affecting your movement, ease, and overall well-being. Whether the root cause is consistent use, an unexpected injury, or chronic conditions such as arthritis, professional intervention can pave the way to healing. This is where Hip Pain Physiotherapy at Next Step Physio & Concussion Clinic Edmonton steps in, offering specialized treatments tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

The hip, a sturdy ball-and-socket joint, plays a crucial role in bearing the body’s weight and enabling actions like walking, sprinting, and leaping. Yet, this essential joint is not immune to various problems and disorders. Take arthritis, for instance, which is a prevalent source of hip discomfort. This inflammatory ailment targets the joints, resulting in pain, inflammation, and restricted mobility.

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Our skilled therapists begin with a comprehensive evaluation of the hip region. This includes a combination of palpation, range-of-motion testing, and specific orthopedic tests. Understanding the root cause is pivotal in curating the right treatment protocol. Every hip pain patient is unique, and so are their rehabilitation needs. Whether it’s post-surgical recovery or managing chronic hip arthritis, customized exercise regimens are designed. This could range from postural correction guidance to physiotherapeutic techniques, including electrotherapy, ultrasound, manual joint mobilizations and other methods.

Arthritis-Focused Physio
Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis of the hip, requires specialized care. The emphasis is on maintaining joint lubrication, preventing stiffness, and preserving joint health through non-weight-bearing exercises initially, progressing to weight-bearing as the condition allows.

Hip Joint Replacement Rehabilitation at Next Step Physio
For those who’ve undergone hip joint replacement surgeries, rehabilitation is an indispensable part of the recovery journey. Starting with gentle mobility exercises and progressing to weight-bearing activities, physiotherapy ensures that patients regain optimal function and confidence in their new joint. The rehab process entails:

Initial Stage: Focusing on reducing swelling and pain.

Intermediate Stage: Gradually restoring range of motion and strength.

Advanced Stage: Facilitating the return to daily activities and more complex movements.

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Benefits of Hip Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

Pain Management: Tailored exercises and treatments can significantly reduce or even eliminate pain.
Enhanced Mobility: Physiotherapy helps restore a fuller range of motion, helping patients to return to their daily activities.
Prevention: By understanding the mechanics of the hip and adopting the right habits, future injuries or complications can be minimized.
Muscle Strengthening: The hip joint is supported by a network of muscles and ligaments. Targeted exercises can strengthen these structures, providing better joint stability and reducing the risk of recurrent injuries.
Avoidance of Surgery: In many cases, physiotherapy can prevent or delay the need for surgery by restoring joint function, reducing pain, and improving mobility.
Enhanced Athletic Performance: For athletes, hip pain can be a significant hindrance. Physiotherapy not only aids in pain relief but can also optimize hip performance, ensuring they’re at the top of their game.
Gait Correction: Proper walking technique is vital to reduce stress on the hip joint. Through gait training, physiotherapists at Next Step Physio Edmonton can correct any abnormalities, ensuring efficient movement patterns.


Living with hip pain can be challenging, but with the right support and treatment, recovery is within reach. If you or a loved one is struggling with hip discomfort, consider Hip Pain Physiotherapy at Next Step Physio & Concussion Clinic Edmonton. Your journey to a pain-free life starts with a single step. Book your appointment today and take that step towards a brighter, more mobile tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, physiotherapy offers techniques to manage pain, improve mobility, and enhance the overall functionality of the hip, making it beneficial for arthritis patients.
Hip pain can arise from various issues, including arthritis, bursitis, muscle strains, and injuries. In some cases, hip pain might not originate in the hip itself but could be referred pain from the lower back or other areas.
Physiotherapy can often start within a day or two after surgery, initially focusing on gentle exercises and mobility. However, the specific timeline depends on your surgeon’s advice and the nature of the surgery.