Gipin Sisupal

Gipin Sisupal | Next Step Physio & Concussion Clinic

Gipin Sisupal

Registered Massage Therapist

Life was very difficult as a Chef. My back and legs hurt, the days were long, and the discomfort was constant. I knew that I had to make a big life change.

Having personally experienced the benefits of massage therapy during the height of my cooking career, I decided that it was an industry that I could picture myself within. I felt inspired to change and decided to pursue my diploma. I’ve always loved helping others. I enjoy taking care of and being there for people, that’s why I became a Chef initially! I took this new path and went back to school. I completed my training (3000 hours) at MaKami College in early 2022. I specialize in therapeutic, relaxation, and deep-tissue massage. I am also certified in hot stone massage and enjoy the benefits of this heat therapy on my clients.

My goal is to continue to obtain more education in more specialized massage modalities. Through this career, I have had the opportunity to be a lifelong learner, I truly look forward to that aspect. As a professional Massage Therapist, I aim to have a positive effect and cater to each client’s unique needs. Outside of my career; I adore my family and enjoy spending time with my kids. I enjoy watching TV, listening to music, playing violin, singing and going for long and beautiful Alberta drives!